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Buy & Sell by Discount

Great projects which Noah company invest and develop together will sell the project’s goods. the goods can be bought from market in the world. but if with Noah token members buy the goods that great projects have done, members can buy cheaply. and thus,

in the price to buy the goods with noah, 10% in discount, 10% in buyback and burn, 10% dividend to noah staking members included.

Noah Staking

Noah token haven’t sold through private or public. so, Noah’s distribution is designed for projects and users. because there aren’t users to buy Noah token before, there must not be inflation. all the users only can buy Noah token on global high exchange. and with the noah token, users can stake and earn profits from the platform.

Buyback & Burn

Noah company have the plan for buyback and burn from 2 different parts.

first part is buyback and burn total profits of Noah company per quarter.

second part is selling by discount. whenever any company buy project goods with Noah token, 10% of the price will be used for buyback and burn.

this plan will increase scarcity and price of Noah token.