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Noah Projects


K-Tip without spark

Focus on how many accidents with fire when people welding. with K-Tip, there isn't any accident from fire.


Drink Oxygen

water is vary important thing in our life. but there are lots of elements in every water's type. best water in the lots of type of water is the one contained Oxygen.



in the age of limited oil. the best alternative energy source is electricity. Noah Tech has developed battery skill.

“It is a safe and profitable real economy coin with its own technology. In the eco-friendly policies that companies around the world are aiming for, our own technology is eco-friendly, so it is a future-oriented business and a business that will continue to rise.”


Noah Tech have searched for great project and invest.

the project that Noah invest and develop become grown. after that, the project’s goods is in global market, and so Noah members can earn profit and buy the great goods cheaply.


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